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Through our Email Marketing Portal you can create your own personalized email marketing campaigns, newsletters and communications. And, it's not co-branded with any other name on it but yours.

Sending targeted and relevant e-mail communications keeps you visible in the eyes of your customers or prospects right where they spend most of their time.

If you need assistance with creating and sending we are here to help you with creating effective, eye-catching campaigns for you. This frees up your time to be more productive and focus on other more important functions.

Our Portal allows you to manage your Lists and Subscribers with Suppressions for your Unsubscribes.. It also has very flexible importing and exporting functions making it easy to add more names. And we can even add a Signup Forms for your newsletters right on your website that goes directly into your private portal database.

It also allows for powerful analytics such as Real-time Reporting - Activity time-line, Google Analytics, Forward to a friend, Compare Campaigns - Spot trends, Open and Click through Tracking


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