Tradeshows: So Much More Than “Just a Show!”


Tradeshows.  We all do them, right?  But why?  Is it because we were told to?  Because we thought it would be a good idea?  Do we like the location?  Maybe the parties and all the fanfare that go with certain shows?  In the end, however, it’s more than all that.  It’s about getting your product or service in front of a target audience, building and representing your brand in the best possible way.

How do you do that?  There are so many ways and so many opportunities at a tradeshow.  First, your attendees pay to be there.  You couldn’t ask for a more targeted audience.  They are visiting your booth for a reason. They want to know more about your company and why they should choose your product or service.  You better be sure you have your marketing materials ready to showcase.  As a quick hit list, be sure to have the following items ready to go:

  • Business cards — Clean. Crisp. Simple.  Professionally printed.  This is a takeaway from the event and it is the primary means for follow up with your potential client.  Although many shows now have a scanner to keep track of these contacts, never assume that this system will work and bring back up just in case!
  • Signage and marketing collateral — Your name and brand is so important.  You want your logo and your tagline easy to read and memorable.  You also want your messaging to be clear and concise and without grammatical or formatting errors.  Have these pieces done by a professional both from a copyrighting standpoint and a printing standpoint.  Consistency is key.
  • Apparel and gear – Many people go to these shows and can’t wait to pick up the coolest giveaway at each vendor.  Why not have yours be the coolest?  Make your apparel complement your brand and be the best dressed vendor at the show.  In addition, have your giveaway be the one that everyone wants!  This not only draws visitors to your booth, but it also makes them remember who you are.
  • Media relations – There is no better time to have all your beat reporters in one spot.  Reporters thrive on getting all their information in one spot.  Have your messaging ready.  Have your press releases and media briefs prepared in advance to submit day one of the show and if you can give an exclusive to your key reporter/journalist, do it.  They love feeling important and like to receive information that no one else has yet.  They want the story…give it to them!

At the end of the day, these are all pretty basic Marketing 101 tactics, however, sometimes we get wrapped up in the throes of event planning and forget some of the simple tasks that make the show a true success.  While we know there are many steps to making a great show, perhaps remembering some of these basic ones, you’ll take the perfect step to make sure your experience is so much more than “just a show!”


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