Today’s Top 10 Promotional Giveaways

With the onset of Spring, there are many events at your finger tips.  It really doesn’t matter if you are a small or large company, a public or private school,  a non-profit or other charity.  There are countless opportunities for you to build your name recognition and you want to be sure you do it in just the right way.

There are traditional ways of hanging signage, sponsoring a team or event or even creating some kind of on-air or print advertising.  What often causes pause, however, is choosing just the right giveaway.  Trends change often and you want to be sure you stay on top of what is hot.  At My Marketing Solutions, Inc. we’re always here to provide you with the latest industry news and let you know what is the most popular .


Here are today’s top 10:

  1. Fidget spinners
  2. Pop socket phone accessory
  3. Very Kool cooling towel
  4. Surf water bottle
  5. Best coolie
  6. White barrel ball point pen
  7. Cinch up back pack
  8. Vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle
  9. Fidget pen  
  10. Silicon phone wallet

No matter what you choose, just be sure you select something that aligns to what remains true for your organization.   It supports your philosophy and goals.  If your name is on it, make sure it represents you well.  If you do that, you’re sure to win big!




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