Social Media: You Just Have To Do It!



There are many social media sites available today. Choose the ones that best represent your product or service.

Like many things in this world, some people have been quick to join the social media band wagon and others, just aren’t there yet.  In fact, maybe they never will be!  From a personal standpoint, you can take it or leave it.  Professionally, however, it’s a different ballgame.

Here are five quick reasons, business owners need to take the plunge into social media today:

1)      Build awareness of your brand name easily.  Today, everything is a hashtag, right?  #anycompanynam or #anycompanyproduct and you’ll quickly see all the communities that are following your company, your product, even your CEO!  The more people that use the same hashtag and build communities, the more communication and visibility your brand is getting.

2)      Validity.  Everyone is online these days looking for companies with an online presence.  Gone are the days where websites are good enough.  Now, you need regular Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, Pinterest images, YouTube videos and more!  All of these pieces link back to your website and in the end, increase your SEO (search engine optimization) and ultimately, increase traffic to your site.

3)      Increase sales quickly online.  It may seem obvious, but with all these online communities interested in you and searching for you, you could end up with one quick and easy sale! Get your products online and make it easy for your customers to purchase without the need for a phone call or catalog…or even a sales person!

4)      Customer testimonials.  Monitor your social media sites on a regular basis and highlight all the good things people have to say about your company and products.  How wonderful to have communities of people high-fiving all that your company does.  The key, however, is to be able to accept the bad and respond to those that may have a complaint in an effective way.  Not everything can be perfect, but how we communicate imperfections efficiently is incredibly important.

5)      Save money. It’s never been easier to market your products.  With so many online venues who come together in support of your product and company, it’s kind of a no-brainer to get yourselves involved in those communities and strive to get a sale.  While printed marketing pieces are still important, there are ways to increase your visibility very easily with a targeted online presence.

These social media suggestions are just one piece of your entire marketing package.  While websites continue to be a must have, complementing them with other online social media outlets and your printed pieces are a sure way to capture all of your audiences effectively.

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