Being Kind is A Simple Act of Marketing


When it comes to marketing ideas, sometimes the best kept secrets are the ones you don’t necessarily plan for.  The ones that pop up as a result of just one simple act: being

Perhaps you don’t think much about it, but it can often be the case that a local school or non-profit calls for a donation.  Maybe you feel like you get those calls all the time.  Sometimes it’s hard to take the plunge and write a big check for something you’re not 100% certain will ever present itself, but take one step back when those calls really happen and consider what is really needed?  Ask the direct question: What is it that you need?

  • Maybe there is a road race in town and paper cups are needed to serve the runners water.
  • Maybe a school drama production is being held and they are in need of a professional to design and print the program.
  • Maybe there is a championship game in town and they are in need of t-shirts for all the fans.
  • Or, maybe there is an elderly person who simply needs someone to help him or her with a painting project.

No matter the situation, take a step up and help.  You may not realize it at the time, but donating products and time can often be more telling of a company than a salesperson on a call. It truly shows the culture and character of your company.  Without knowing it, your product or company name is in front of people who can only say kind things about your kind act!  Your brand is on those cups you donated, those programs and t-shirts you printed.  And, remember that little old man who needed help painting?  He happened to read the back of your shirt, saw your company name and made sure he said something super nice about the man or woman from Company X,Y, Z!

At the end of the day, just be kind — it never led any one person, product or company astray!

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