It’s All In A Name


One of the biggest decisions in life is naming a baby, a puppy, a company or even a new product.  It can take time, money, blood, sweat and tears!  In the end, the reason for all this is that it needs to be perfect, right?  Perfect for everyone involved.  Parents, child, fwhats_in_a_name.2amily, customers, employees, investors!  To put it bluntly, there is a lot at stake!

One slip up and it could mean the beginning of the end.  Or, get it right the first time and it could be the beginning of something simply fantastic!  Here are just a few quick tips that can apply no matter what you are naming:

Keep it simple and smart. 

It may seem obvious, but think the process through.  You want to make sure whatever you’re naming is easy to pronounce for all important parties.  You’ll want to make sure you review its definition and all its meanings too, especially if this “thing” will be known or used around the globe.  What may make sense in the United States, may not make sense elsewhere.  In some instances, it could also take on negative connotations.

No one else can claim it.

While this may not be possible when you’re naming your puppy or child, it should still be considered.  Most people would be flattered to have their name designated to a newborn, but others may be offended.  When it comes to a product or company name, however, legally you must do a thorough review and likely bring in the experts to be sure this name is available for your use.  You would not want to begin marketing this product or company only to find out the name has already been assigned to something else.  In some instances, it could be a similar product but in others, it may be way off base.  No matter the situation, just make sure you seek that professional expertise.

Once you name it, secure it.

For naming your child, it’s obvious, get the birth certificate done!  But, for product and company purposes, continue that professional counsel and secure the name for your use only.  Secure any additional uses or modifications of that name if necessary too.  (For example, a URL for the product so you can correctly market it online.) In most cases, you’ll need to seek out a trademark or a patent, as this is the only way to make sure you have control over how it is used.

At the end of the day, when you’re ready to name that special something, be sure to do your homework.  Make sure it’s not a rush job.  In fact, maybe get some extra credit and get it done the night before!  Your time, money and investment in this piece is something you’ll never get back, so do what it takes to name it right…the first time!


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