Golf Is More Than Just A Game. It’s A Marketing Tool.



Getting on the course is just one way to boost your marketing presence.

Business breakfasts, luncheons and dinners are often the norm when it comes to making time to talk with existing and prospective clients.  Thinking outside of the box with a recreational event such as a golf outing, however, may be just what it takes to stand out above the rest.  In fact, the whole experience itself is likely more memorable than any of the aforementioned!

On the golf course, you have time to build relationships for at least a few hours.  You’re not limited to an hour or so in a restaurant.  You’re not listening to the other customers nearby or having a waitress interrupt you for dessert.  You’re (likely) relaxed and more often than not, in a very pretty place enjoying some fresh air.

In the past, golf was known as a gentleman’s sport.  That stereotype is no more.  Both men and women are seen equally on courses today.  Not only are relationships built throughout the day, but it never hurts to offer clients, golf balls, shirts, towels, or other paraphernalia sporting your company name and logo.  May seem obvious, but all these interactions and gifts market yourself, your company and more importantly remind the client of who you are, who your company is and remind them about your day together.

At the end of the day, when thinking about how to make an impression on your customers, don’t hesitate to think of golf or some other recreational activity that may make your moments together even more memorable!

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