Five Tips to Make Your Company Thrive This Summer

Source: www.islandreal.comThe sun is shining and the waves are crashing, but don’t let all your business plans fall down the sand dune.  There are a few critical things you can continue to work on while your feet are in the sand!

  1. Planning – No better place than by the ocean or lake to get your fall marketing and sales plans in place.  Get all your ships aligned and know what your plan is to rally in September when vacations slow down and kids are back in school.  This is one sure way to end your fiscal year with a boom!
  2. Budget – Sure, it is fun to take clients golfing, maybe a fishing charter and, of course, out to some fine dinners.  Don’t forget money always will be a factor in running an effective business. Don’t let spending slide even in the summer months.  Always check in with your accountant before you spend too much too quick!
  3. Creativity – Think outside the box this summer in all aspects of your business.  What haven’t you tried to get new clients and gain market share?  Now is the time to try it.  If you haven’t done it yet, maybe your competition has.  Nothing is ever off base as long as you stay true to your company’s values and brand.
  4. Relationships – This time of year is perfect for connecting with clients, old and new!  While sticking to your budget is always in the back of your mind, find cost-effective ways of reminding these people that making and keeping them happy is your number one priority.
  5. Communication – Today’s technologies make it super easy to stay connected to your clients, employees and vendors.  Don’t let your website, social media or your response time to emails slide during the summer months.  Continue to communicate the latest news, benefit and event information and not miss a beat.  Not only will your company thrive from constant communication, but you’ll feel good that everyone is in the know!

No matter your destination this summer, make sure you do take time to unplug and enjoy your feet in that sand.  Just a few hours keeping things in perspective each day will be a sure way your business plan stays on track!




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