Color Counts



Choose a color that represents attributes that are most important to you.

A color wheel like this can be a helpful tool in identifying colors that will work for your marketing campaigns.

Fall is known for its vast, vibrant colors.  Leaves of all types transform into an artistic masterpieces.  While these colors are often hues of orange, red, yellow and brown, they are eagerly awaited for by leaf peepers around the globe.  They signify the start of something fresh, something crisp, and of course, a new autumn season.  Who would think these little bits of nature would incur such a sense of excitement and anticipation?


Just imagine if that same excitement is about your product, your brand and your company!  So cool, right?  Well, it can be.  While it is often the case that product names are researched and tag lines are thought through for months on end, that same strategic planning should take place when it comes to your company colors in which your logo, apparel, product packaging, etc. are represented.

Not everyone knows that colors actually represent different emotions.  A recent article by shared the following information that could help with your color planning and analysis for retail and business purposes:

  • Red: Creates urgency – often used in sales and impulse sales
  • Green: Easy, calm – used to relax people
  • Blue: Creates trust – used by financial institutions such as banks
  • Navy blue: Cheaper: selling to price-sensitive
  • Royal blue: Urgency – selling to impulse buyers
  • Pink: Romantic – selling to women and girls
  • Yellow: Grabbing attention – used to push for action, as in impulse buying
  • Orange: Energizing – used to push for action, as in impulse buying
  • Purple: Calm – used in anti-aging products
  • Black: Power – selling luxury, aggressive products, or to impulse buyers

With all this information, take a moment to consider the colors that represent your brand.  In many cases, they are often overlooked.  The key message is simple.   Make sure the colors you choose for your product, your company and your brand are consistent with the messaging you want to convey. No matter how you slice it: colors count.

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