Three Easy Ways to Achieve Your Business Goals By Year’s End


Goals Achieved!October 1 has passed and we’ve officially entered the last quarter of 2016.  Have you looked at your business’ goals for the year?  Are you on track to achieve them? Maybe you’re close but could possibly use a few extra months in the year to be able to cross them off your list?  It’s even possible that you need another full year to actually complete your tasks.  No matter your situation, don’t fear, here are the top three ways you’re sure to accomplish all that you set out to do in the beginning of the year.

  • Power down the electronics (the ones you don’t need, that is!).  That’s right.  You may need to create a presentation or finalize a bid for a client, no matter the situation, the odds are you probably don’t need your phone right by you side.  You don’t need the TV remote and you more than likely do NOT need your smart watch lighting up to tell you that you have a new email!  As much as we’d like to continue to multi-task each and every day, the more electronic stimuli we have at our finger tips, the less likely we are to actually achieve any one of our goals, never mind all of them!
  • Make a “to do” list and actually cross off your accomplishments. As old school as it may sound, and whether it is an electronic one or not, make a list so you can prove to yourself that you have accomplished one thing or many things throughout all the hours in a day.
  • De-clutter your workspace.  As nice as it is to have every possible pen, pencil, paper or sticky note easily accessible, it’s a very easy way to be distracted and start doodling or even organizing all that extra stuff when you should be tackling your “to do” list.  Just get rid of it for now and play with it once your goals are all done.

Accomplishing goals isn’t an easy task by any means.  There are many different tactics and tips you can follow to get there.  Life throws many curve balls our way.  In fact, new goals may even come your way mid-year!  Often times you can hammer off a bit of it at a time, so that the overall goal is a little more achievable.  While it may not always be fun getting there, the end result, when all your milestones are crossed off and you can stand up in that year end review and say, “Yes we did it!”  That is ultimately the best feeling in the world!


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