July 6, 2017
by Linda Parke

Five Tips to Make Your Company Thrive This Summer

Source: www.islandreal.comThe sun is shining and the waves are crashing, but don’t let all your business plans fall down the sand dune.  There are a few critical things you can continue to work on while your feet are in the sand!

  1. Planning – No better place than by the ocean or lake to get your fall marketing and sales plans in place.  Get all your ships aligned and know what your plan is to rally in September when vacations slow down and kids are back in school.  This is one sure way to end your fiscal year with a boom!
  2. Budget – Sure, it is fun to take clients golfing, maybe a fishing charter and, of course, out to some fine dinners.  Don’t forget money always will be a factor in running an effective business. Don’t let spending slide even in the summer months.  Always check in with your accountant before you spend too much too quick!
  3. Creativity – Think outside the box this summer in all aspects of your business.  What haven’t you tried to get new clients and gain market share?  Now is the time to try it.  If you haven’t done it yet, maybe your competition has.  Nothing is ever off base as long as you stay true to your company’s values and brand.
  4. Relationships – This time of year is perfect for connecting with clients, old and new!  While sticking to your budget is always in the back of your mind, find cost-effective ways of reminding these people that making and keeping them happy is your number one priority.
  5. Communication – Today’s technologies make it super easy to stay connected to your clients, employees and vendors.  Don’t let your website, social media or your response time to emails slide during the summer months.  Continue to communicate the latest news, benefit and event information and not miss a beat.  Not only will your company thrive from constant communication, but you’ll feel good that everyone is in the know!

No matter your destination this summer, make sure you do take time to unplug and enjoy your feet in that sand.  Just a few hours keeping things in perspective each day will be a sure way your business plan stays on track!



April 25, 2017
by Linda Parke

Today’s Top 10 Promotional Giveaways

With the onset of Spring, there are many events at your finger tips.  It really doesn’t matter if you are a small or large company, a public or private school,  a non-profit or other charity.  There are countless opportunities for you to build your name recognition and you want to be sure you do it in just the right way.

There are traditional ways of hanging signage, sponsoring a team or event or even creating some kind of on-air or print advertising.  What often causes pause, however, is choosing just the right giveaway.  Trends change often and you want to be sure you stay on top of what is hot.  At My Marketing Solutions, Inc. we’re always here to provide you with the latest industry news and let you know what is the most popular .


Here are today’s top 10:

  1. Fidget spinners
  2. Pop socket phone accessory
  3. Very Kool cooling towel
  4. Surf water bottle
  5. Best coolie
  6. White barrel ball point pen
  7. Cinch up back pack
  8. Vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle
  9. Fidget pen  
  10. Silicon phone wallet

No matter what you choose, just be sure you select something that aligns to what remains true for your organization.   It supports your philosophy and goals.  If your name is on it, make sure it represents you well.  If you do that, you’re sure to win big!



February 23, 2017
by mms

Tradeshows: So Much More Than “Just a Show!”

Tradeshows.  We all do them, right?  But why?  Is it because we were told to?  Because we thought it would be a good idea?  Do we like the location?  Maybe the parties and all the fanfare that go with certain shows?  In the end, however, it’s more than all that.  It’s about getting your product or service in front of a target audience, building and representing your brand in the best possible way.

How do you do that?  There are so many ways and so many opportunities at a tradeshow.  First, your attendees pay to be there.  You couldn’t ask for a more targeted audience.  They are visiting your booth for a reason. They want to know more about your company and why they should choose your product or service.  You better be sure you have your marketing materials ready to showcase.  As a quick hit list, be sure to have the following items ready to go:

  • Business cards — Clean. Crisp. Simple.  Professionally printed.  This is a takeaway from the event and it is the primary means for follow up with your potential client.  Although many shows now have a scanner to keep track of these contacts, never assume that this system will work and bring back up just in case!
  • Signage and marketing collateral — Your name and brand is so important.  You want your logo and your tagline easy to read and memorable.  You also want your messaging to be clear and concise and without grammatical or formatting errors.  Have these pieces done by a professional both from a copyrighting standpoint and a printing standpoint.  Consistency is key.
  • Apparel and gear – Many people go to these shows and can’t wait to pick up the coolest giveaway at each vendor.  Why not have yours be the coolest?  Make your apparel complement your brand and be the best dressed vendor at the show.  In addition, have your giveaway be the one that everyone wants!  This not only draws visitors to your booth, but it also makes them remember who you are.
  • Media relations – There is no better time to have all your beat reporters in one spot.  Reporters thrive on getting all their information in one spot.  Have your messaging ready.  Have your press releases and media briefs prepared in advance to submit day one of the show and if you can give an exclusive to your key reporter/journalist, do it.  They love feeling important and like to receive information that no one else has yet.  They want the story…give it to them!

At the end of the day, these are all pretty basic Marketing 101 tactics, however, sometimes we get wrapped up in the throes of event planning and forget some of the simple tasks that make the show a true success.  While we know there are many steps to making a great show, perhaps remembering some of these basic ones, you’ll take the perfect step to make sure your experience is so much more than “just a show!”


Note: As a reminder, My Marketing Solutions Inc. can provide you with help in all of these areas.  Please email us @ info@mymarketingsolutions.com to get you started today.

December 29, 2016
by Linda Parke

Learn From Your Mistakes and Embrace The New Year

As 2016 comes to an end, it’s a perfect time to reflect on all that’s happened in the past year and look forward to what lies ahead in the new one.  Whether it is personal, professional, or both, just take the time to do it.  There likely were some real high points to the year, and some pretty low ones too.  While it’s not always fun to think about some of the year’s mishaps, it’s important to learn from them.  Take the time to understand what happened, why it happened, and in the end, learn something from it.   

With the start of 2017, there’s so much to look forward to.  Everything is off to a fresh start!  You can kick start your business plans, your career goals and your own personal path for success.  No matter what your priorities are,  know that even with the year’s twists and turns, only you have the power to stay or stray from the road you wish to travel.  Your mistakes are opportunities. They can lead you in directions you may never have thought to go.  Just give them a chance. 

Learn from your mistakes and embrace the new year!

October 4, 2016
by Linda Parke

Three Easy Ways to Achieve Your Business Goals By Year’s End

Goals Achieved!October 1 has passed and we’ve officially entered the last quarter of 2016.  Have you looked at your business’ goals for the year?  Are you on track to achieve them? Maybe you’re close but could possibly use a few extra months in the year to be able to cross them off your list?  It’s even possible that you need another full year to actually complete your tasks.  No matter your situation, don’t fear, here are the top three ways you’re sure to accomplish all that you set out to do in the beginning of the year.

  • Power down the electronics (the ones you don’t need, that is!).  That’s right.  You may need to create a presentation or finalize a bid for a client, no matter the situation, the odds are you probably don’t need your phone right by you side.  You don’t need the TV remote and you more than likely do NOT need your smart watch lighting up to tell you that you have a new email!  As much as we’d like to continue to multi-task each and every day, the more electronic stimuli we have at our finger tips, the less likely we are to actually achieve any one of our goals, never mind all of them!
  • Make a “to do” list and actually cross off your accomplishments. As old school as it may sound, and whether it is an electronic one or not, make a list so you can prove to yourself that you have accomplished one thing or many things throughout all the hours in a day.
  • De-clutter your workspace.  As nice as it is to have every possible pen, pencil, paper or sticky note easily accessible, it’s a very easy way to be distracted and start doodling or even organizing all that extra stuff when you should be tackling your “to do” list.  Just get rid of it for now and play with it once your goals are all done.

Accomplishing goals isn’t an easy task by any means.  There are many different tactics and tips you can follow to get there.  Life throws many curve balls our way.  In fact, new goals may even come your way mid-year!  Often times you can hammer off a bit of it at a time, so that the overall goal is a little more achievable.  While it may not always be fun getting there, the end result, when all your milestones are crossed off and you can stand up in that year end review and say, “Yes we did it!”  That is ultimately the best feeling in the world!


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September 6, 2016
by Linda Parke

Color Counts


Choose a color that represents attributes that are most important to you.

A color wheel like this can be a helpful tool in identifying colors that will work for your marketing campaigns.

Fall is known for its vast, vibrant colors.  Leaves of all types transform into an artistic masterpieces.  While these colors are often hues of orange, red, yellow and brown, they are eagerly awaited for by leaf peepers around the globe.  They signify the start of something fresh, something crisp, and of course, a new autumn season.  Who would think these little bits of nature would incur such a sense of excitement and anticipation?


Just imagine if that same excitement is about your product, your brand and your company!  So cool, right?  Well, it can be.  While it is often the case that product names are researched and tag lines are thought through for months on end, that same strategic planning should take place when it comes to your company colors in which your logo, apparel, product packaging, etc. are represented.

Not everyone knows that colors actually represent different emotions.  A recent article by ChangingMinds.org shared the following information that could help with your color planning and analysis for retail and business purposes:

  • Red: Creates urgency – often used in sales and impulse sales
  • Green: Easy, calm – used to relax people
  • Blue: Creates trust – used by financial institutions such as banks
  • Navy blue: Cheaper: selling to price-sensitive
  • Royal blue: Urgency – selling to impulse buyers
  • Pink: Romantic – selling to women and girls
  • Yellow: Grabbing attention – used to push for action, as in impulse buying
  • Orange: Energizing – used to push for action, as in impulse buying
  • Purple: Calm – used in anti-aging products
  • Black: Power – selling luxury, aggressive products, or to impulse buyers

With all this information, take a moment to consider the colors that represent your brand.  In many cases, they are often overlooked.  The key message is simple.   Make sure the colors you choose for your product, your company and your brand are consistent with the messaging you want to convey. No matter how you slice it: colors count.

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August 25, 2016
by Linda Parke

Being Kind is A Simple Act of Marketing

When it comes to marketing ideas, sometimes the best kept secrets are the ones you don’t necessarily plan for.  The ones that pop up as a result of just one simple act: being kind.be-kind-ribbon

Perhaps you don’t think much about it, but it can often be the case that a local school or non-profit calls for a donation.  Maybe you feel like you get those calls all the time.  Sometimes it’s hard to take the plunge and write a big check for something you’re not 100% certain will ever present itself, but take one step back when those calls really happen and consider what is really needed?  Ask the direct question: What is it that you need?

  • Maybe there is a road race in town and paper cups are needed to serve the runners water.
  • Maybe a school drama production is being held and they are in need of a professional to design and print the program.
  • Maybe there is a championship game in town and they are in need of t-shirts for all the fans.
  • Or, maybe there is an elderly person who simply needs someone to help him or her with a painting project.

No matter the situation, take a step up and help.  You may not realize it at the time, but donating products and time can often be more telling of a company than a salesperson on a call. It truly shows the culture and character of your company.  Without knowing it, your product or company name is in front of people who can only say kind things about your kind act!  Your brand is on those cups you donated, those programs and t-shirts you printed.  And, remember that little old man who needed help painting?  He happened to read the back of your shirt, saw your company name and made sure he said something super nice about the man or woman from Company X,Y, Z!

At the end of the day, just be kind — it never led any one person, product or company astray!

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August 17, 2016
by Linda Parke

Back to School Marketing Ideas You Won’t Want To Miss

While September may mark the end of summer, on the brighter side, it marks the fresh start to another season.  There is so much to look forward to!  There is Labor Day, back-to-school, football games, fall pumpkin-apple-fall-harvestfestivals, Halloween and so much more!  Use this time to mark the moments that are most important to you and your customers and leverage the fun that can go along with them into your marketing plans.  Here are five fun ideas you can tap into:

  1. Contests – Whether it is guessing how many candy corn are in a jar or a trivia contest about the history of the season, sport icons or even famous birthdays in the fall, be sure to get in on the fun and get your name and products out there and let the winner receive your product!
  2. Pre-Holiday Sales – Use Back to School, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and even Halloween to offer a discount or special promotion on your products.
  3. Giveaways – Pop your logo on some fall favorites such as apples, pies, footballs, pompoms and pumpkins to bring attention to your product and company.
  4. Team Spirit – Don’t let all the athletes have all the fun, use this time of year to foster some team spirit in your workplace!  Marketing and maintaining the culture is often even more important than churning out new sales.  In the end, you need your people to make and sell your own product!
  5. Community Outreach — No matter the season, it’s always important to give back in the communities in which you serve.  This comes up most often during the holiday season, but make a point to mark it on your calendar and get yourself and even your employees to be a part of a special volunteer opportunity.

So, while you may be mourning the loss of the lazy days of summer, take a quick step back in the game and realize all the marketing potential that Back to School has to offer!

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August 8, 2016
by Linda Parke

Planning 101

Check-Step Your Business Plans This Back to School Season

Summertime comes to an end all too fast. Already, parents are bringing their children back to school shopping.  Planning for the new school year is truly underway!

Plan for a new business

Review your business plan on a regular basis.

Notebooks, calendars, pencils, pens, clothes and sneakers, are all being shopped for in preparation for the infamous First Day of School!  School stuff aside, have you taken a look at your own business calendar?  Reviewed your business goals?  Have you accomplished all that you have wanted to?

With that milestone not far away, it’s the perfect time to take a step back and do a quick review of your own business plans.   For some, back to school may mean the end of a fiscal year, but for most, there are still a few months left to address and accomplish any goals you may have identified earlier on in the year.   Not only are there fiscal responsibilities, but there are marketing plans to review and you also could take a quick look at your administrative and technology tasks to ensure you have all the personnel, supplies and software updates you need for the remainder of the year.

Sometimes we become so wrapped up in the day to day, we forget the big picture.  It’s very easy to do! The simple advice here is this:  no matter the milestone on the calendar, use it to trigger your own business success.  Maybe it’s Back to School, maybe it’s Labor Day, it could even be just an ‘every Sunday night thing to do!’  Use whatever works best for you and stick to it.  Your success is only as good as your commitment to it.  Regular check-steps to ensure you are reaching your own goals are what will make sure your business stands out above the rest!

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July 27, 2016
by Linda Parke

Golf Is More Than Just A Game. It’s A Marketing Tool.


Getting on the course is just one way to boost your marketing presence.

Business breakfasts, luncheons and dinners are often the norm when it comes to making time to talk with existing and prospective clients.  Thinking outside of the box with a recreational event such as a golf outing, however, may be just what it takes to stand out above the rest.  In fact, the whole experience itself is likely more memorable than any of the aforementioned!

On the golf course, you have time to build relationships for at least a few hours.  You’re not limited to an hour or so in a restaurant.  You’re not listening to the other customers nearby or having a waitress interrupt you for dessert.  You’re (likely) relaxed and more often than not, in a very pretty place enjoying some fresh air.

In the past, golf was known as a gentleman’s sport.  That stereotype is no more.  Both men and women are seen equally on courses today.  Not only are relationships built throughout the day, but it never hurts to offer clients, golf balls, shirts, towels, or other paraphernalia sporting your company name and logo.  May seem obvious, but all these interactions and gifts market yourself, your company and more importantly remind the client of who you are, who your company is and remind them about your day together.

At the end of the day, when thinking about how to make an impression on your customers, don’t hesitate to think of golf or some other recreational activity that may make your moments together even more memorable!

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